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“Tess is the best listener. She asks the digging questions, she checks to see if she heard correctly, she translates what she heard into design ideas, and then she explains how those ideas flow from what she heard. She makes transparency a high art. That challenged me to reflect more, listen better and learn more.”
- David M., Jamaica Plain

” I love the design and color scheme you have put together for us! I’m so excited!
I will definitely tell everyone how awesome you are (I mean, REALLY!) and what a great experience it is to work with you.

Thank you again and more power to Tess Leeds Redesign!”

- Abi V. , Cohasset

”Tess is a fabulous interior designer. She led us to color choices we wouldn’t have ordinarily considered and was extremely helpful in informing our furniture choice.

What was most helpful was that Tess was ready, willing and able to work with the flooring and countertops already here — things that weren’t in the budget to change yet — and gave us great suggestions on how to update on a budget.”

- Maura M., Walpole

”I was thrilled with yesterday. I really enjoyed the whole process and look forward to doing more. I’m so excited! “

- Carol C., North Andover

”I applaud your vision, Tess. You made my home more me!”

- Anne S., Jamaica Plain

”Thank you so much, Tess. My new living room really feels like home now ~ I couldn’t have done it without you! “

- Lauren P., Brookline

”In one day’s time, you managed to completely shift how I feel in my home. From the moment you entered our home, you had an uncanny sense of who we are, and you had instant insight into our personal styles both in terms of our furnishings and our personalities.

You were wonderfully respectful and sensitive to both of us, and I greatly appreciated how patient and centered you were working with us.

You are a breath of fresh air, and you brought a breath of fresh air into our living space! Thank you for making it feel good to come home!”

-Jeanne S., Cambridge