Our signature Redesign service is different from traditional interior decorating. It's fast, easy and affordable.

 Step 1: Fill out our Client Intake form. The form will include several pictures of your space and images or a link to rooms that you love, along with a few other questions about your needs.  This gives us a chance to start designing ahead of time and allows us a better sense of the scope of your project. Contact us and we'll send you the current rate card right away. Redesigns range in price from $450 - $1050 based on room size. 

Most of our clients have never worked with a designer before. 

Step 2: It's Redesign day! Clear your morning and be ready for an exciting, collaborative design. We'll learn more about your functional needs, discover the best possible layout for the room and decide on what can go and what must stay.  We then create your new vision from the ground up, coming up with a design plan and resources that fit your budget. Your plan will include exact measurements of new pieces needed, along with color and style recommendations and examples of what you are looking for.  

You'll get a step by step to-do list, so you know exactly what to look for and in what order. 

See a sample plan here.

You'll receive a inspiration mood board within 48 hours of our meeting which will help you see your new space before it happens. You can see more sample design mood boards here.

Inspiration Mood Board

Inspiration Mood Board

Step 3: Using your design plan and inspiration board, you shop around for the needed pieces. You gather as many samples as possible using the guidelines in your plan. We meet for one more follow up to fine-tune and ensure that the textiles all work together. Final paint color (if painting is an option) is selected and any last minute details come into place (pillow suggestions, color for lamps, etc).  See more examples of our designs in action.

We create the vision, you do the legwork. Great design at a very low cost. 

Living room After

Living room After


Most clients create their space in several phases and don't intend to do, or buy, everything at once. 

By helping you shape your vision and create a concrete plan, the everyday person becomes a designer.

Tess is your cheat sheet.

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